Home Window Tinting Is A Must To Reduce Summer Heating Bills

Home window tinting PhoenixThe Arizona heat can be brutal during the summer months. Many homeowners look to window tint for home windows as a way to reduce their summer cooling bills. Adding window tint to your home can be an excellent way to lessen the amount of heat entering your home. Also, your return on investment is rather quick. If you are looking at options to reduce your cooling bills, let us explain why home window tinting is an excellent choice.

Adding window tint to your house is a rather quick and inexpensive option. According to energy.gov, “energy efficiency is the most cost-effective strategy for reducing heating and cooling bills.” So, how do you make your home more energy efficient? The answer is easy. If you stop the heat transfer from the sun into your home windows, you keep your AC unit from working harder. Of course, this can vary widely depending on other home efficiencies like shade and insulation.

The two most common products to help reduce solar gain through windows is sunscreens and window tint. APS did a study on window coverings. You can see their review here. Based on their research it is more efficient to get home window tint than sunscreens.

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