Architectural Window Film

We carry a full line of window tint for both commercial and residential applications. Scroll down to see the different line-ups.




This is a high-end window film. One of SunTeks most prestigious architectural films. This product line carries 4 films that have a total heat rejection between 40-62%. This film isn’t as noticeable as some other films with nearly unaltered views.

ultra vision window tint phoenix az
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This film is highly recommended for the best solar performance in its class. This lineup also has 4 films in its class, that are dual-reflective, with the total solar energy rejected between 48-79 percent. 

Dual Reflective

This series is a dual reflective film with 3 films in the class. The total solar rejection in between 53-75 percent. It has excellent heat rejection making it a favorite for commercial and residential customers. 

ultra vision window tint phoenix az
Infinity window film tint company phoenix az


This lineup is a sputtered film that offers 5 different films in its class. The Infinity series offers great solar rejection and a natural look that will fit right into any home. The total solar energy rejected for this series is between 44-78 percent. 


This film is a favorite for commercial applications. It has excellent solar rejection values with the total solar energy rejected is between 68-82 percent. This lineup has 3 films that are highly reflective and attractive. 


Are you looking for something different? We also carry white matte, black out, white out, anti-graffiti, and safety and security films.  

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Benefits of Window Film

  • Reduce heat transfer
  • Stop fading through UV exposure 
  • Reduce glare and eye strain
  • Increase property value
  • Improve overall look


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