Scratched Glass Repair

Scratched Glass Repair

Our scratched glass repair service is up to 70% less expensive than replacement.

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Why Us?

We have been repairing scratched glass all over Phoenix since 2009. We’ve worked with property managers, business owners, contractors, glass facilities, homeowners, dealerships, art dealers, and RV owners taking out scratches in all kinds of glass. Simply put, we are really good at taking scratches out of glass. 

Glass scratch repair is not a new service; however, it has evolved. Early scratch repair services would leave glass with distortion. Older systems used water and would create a lensing effect, think fun-house glass.  Our scratched glass repair service uses a patented 3-step dry system to repair the damage. Consequently, this allows us to remove scratches of all depths, on all types of glass, with no discernible distortion. 

Scratched Glass Repair
Scratched glass repair company phoenix az

Scratched Glass Repair Service

Some people ask us if removing glass scratches causes the glass to be weak or more likely to break; this is not the case. In fact, once the weakest part of the glass is removed (the scratch) the glass becomes stronger. Once we remove glass scratches the integrity of the glass or window is back. Our service can be performed several times on the same piece of glass before it needs to be replaced. The amount of glass we remove during repair is very minimal ( ~ 1-2 thousands of an inch).  That equates to less than a business card in thickness removed during repair.

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From start to finish we are your scratched glass repair experts. We are here to help your business and answer any questions you may. If you have scratched glass then give us a call, we don’t just repair scratched window glass we also offer glass graffiti repair and window film

If you have a piece of glass that has scratches give us a call before you decide to replace it. We’d love to help you with your project.

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We offer the industries only 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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