On Site Glass Repair Pricing

Phoenix Metro

Our minimum is $550 per piece of glass. We charge a $99 trip charge for onsite evaluations, which will be applied to the service if an estimate is approved.

Out Of Arizona Glass Repair Pricing

Outside of Arizona?

If you are located outside of Arizona our minimum is $2500 

Before You Call

Things To Consider:

What’s most important: cost, how quickly you need it fixed, or the quality of the repair? Please let us know which priority is most important. 

We create a repair area. Often this is not noticeable. However, there is no way to guarantee that you won’t be able to see the repaired area. Our goal for every repair is to look at the glass at a 90-degree angle during normal daylight conditions. If you can’t see the original damage or the repair, it was a success.  

Important Pricing Information