Glass Graffiti Repair

glass graffiti repair phoenixGlass graffiti comes in many forms. It is often called “tagging”. The perpetrators will use an etching pen, rock, key or any sharp object carving into the glass their message or slogan. This causes many problems for businesses. It is a deterrent for potential customers and can have a long-term effect on future earnings. That’s where we come in. We are glass graffiti repair experts.

Graffiti is a burden not only to the tenants and landlord but also the surrounding businesses. Glass Restoration Guru can remove this graffiti and save you money by repairing the glass back to its original clear state. Phoenix has adopted city ordinances to “…reduce blight and deterioration within the City and to protect the public health and safety.” This means business owners are required to remove the graffiti within 10 days from notice. If they don’t, the city will have it repaired and charge the business owner.

Storefront businesses and commercial business parks are usually the targets of glass graffiti. The best deterrent is the quick removal of the damage. If the damage is left up for an extended period of time it will invite other “taggers” to display their work.

Our service costs on average 50-70% less than having the glass replaced!

Acid Glass Graffiti Repair

glass Acid Etching repair Phoenix AZ Acid etching is is another form of graffiti that is commonly found on businesses. We can resurface the glass and bring it back to original quality just like any other scratch, graffiti or damage.

If you don’t have business windows with glass graffiti we also offer scratched glass repair services. Click the link to read more about it.


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