remove hard water stains example phoenix az
Commercial glass with extreme hard water damage in Phoenix, AZ.

We Remove Hard Water Spots From Glass

If you have hard water stains on your glass, we can help. We typically see hard water damage on shower glass and exterior windows. Due to the high mineral content in Phoenix water, it’s just a matter of time before hard water etching occurs. Luckily, we can restore glass and remove hard water stains saving homeowners and businesses the headache of having etched glass and costly replacements.

Hard Water & Building Runoff Glass Repair

Commercial properties are typical victims of building runoff. Building runoff can cause similar damage to glass that hard water creates. As water moves, it picks up various chemicals and minerals. When water runs down the side of a building and passes over the glass, it can cause etching that cleaning won’t get out. A lot of commercial buildings fix the source of the problem but leave their windows etched with damage due to the cost of replacement.

Building runoff hard water spot removal
Commercial building with glass building runoff damage. Look closely and you can see the damage on the stucco above and below the glass.
Extreme Glass Hard Water Damage From Irrigation System
Extreme Glass Hard Water Damage From Irrigation System

Remove Hard Water Spots And Save

Chances are you live in an area with hard water. Typically, all exterior water sources are not hooked up to any filtration systems; this is true for businesses or residential homes. Therefore, a change in wind direction can cause sprinkler water to hit windows and eventually cause damage. Over time the splash from a fountain or pool can cause etching too. Regardless of the area or reason for your hard water stains, we can help. We remove hard water stains from glass for commercial or residential customers all over the Phoenix metro area. Improve your building aesthetics by restoring your glass and removing the hard water etching. 


Our glass restoration service can restore your windows or glass back to their original clarity and remove any hard water stains and etching. The restoration process we use to remove hard water damage on glass and windows is the same process we use to repair scratched glass. On average we can save you 50% or more versus replacement. Head over to our contact page to give us a call or set up a free estimate.  Transform your commercial properties back to their glory by restoring the windows. You can also take a look at our glass restoration portfolio or Instagram account to see some of our past work. 

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