Anti-Graffiti Film

A Sacrificial Barrier 


What impression are your customers getting?

If your business has glass graffiti we can help you. We offer 2 sizes of anti-graffiti film to protect your business windows or glass from all types of damage. An anti-graffiti film can be used in a variety of applications. Any area that is highly prone to glass vandalism or traffic could benefit from having anti-graffiti film installed. This film can be replaced easily and is less expensive than glass replacement or repair.

How Does it Work?

Anti-graffiti film is a thick piece of clear film that acts as a sacrificial barrier to prevent costly damage to your windows. This film can be easily pulled off and replaced in the case it gets vandalized. Consequently, it’s cheaper to have the film installed and replaced than it is to have the glass repaired or replaced.

Anti-Graffiti Film Saves Your Glass!

Areas That Can Use Anti-Graffiti Film

Public Transportation



Storefront Windows

Display Cases

Drive Through Windows

Glass Entrances

Sliding Doors


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