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Our window and glass repair services can remove all types of glass surface damage. Scratched glass, glass graffiti, hard water, and even welding slag can be restored. On average, we are half the cost of replacement or less. If you have glass that looks like this or want to find out if we can repair your glass instead of replacement, give us a call.

About Us

If you are looking for the best Phoenix glass repair company, then look no further. We have been in the glass restoration business since 2009 and have repaired thousands of square feet of glass all over Phoenix, AZ. Consequently, we offer the industries only, 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee*. It’s a win-win for any business or consumer interested in glass repair. If you aren’t in Phoenix, Arizona, that’s okay too. We offer nationwide service for custom projects. 

Glass Restoration Guru (G.R.G) works with property managers, contractors, businesses, insurance company’s, and homeowners removing glass damage from all types of glass. We repair glass by restoring it; we don’t replace it. We’ve worked on a wide range of glass like high-end imported glass, table tops, cars, and storefront glass to name a few. We have an extensive history restoring glass. Ultimately, we want to work on your project! Our results speak for themselves we don’t need to bash our competition to make ourselves look good.  

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Glass Saved From Landfill

2018= 2965 sqft
2017= 1050 SQFT

Tons Of Glass Saved

We are green.



Some Of Our Customers


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  • This is a company I would definitely recommend. 

    This is a company I would definitely recommend. 

    They did an outstanding job for us on repairing windows with graffiti on them which I felt were beyond repair. I was very happy with their services and will continue to utilize their services in the future. 

    Darcy K
    Property Manager
  • Highly recommend

    Highly recommend

    Their quote was prompt and cost effective and they immediately scheduled the job. Billy even spent extra time on the removal with no additional cost. We would highly recommend Glass Restoration Guru for their expertise in glass repair, their professionalism, and their integrity. 


Our Projects

From electrochromic glass to custom heirloom art pieces we have worked on some cool glass.  Regardless of the type or quantity, our goal is complete customer satisfaction. 

We like to take pictures of our work unfortunately that is not always possible.  Here are a few of our Phoenix glass repair projects

Window Tint Solar Decorative Safety and Security

Restoration Services

Glass damage comes in many forms, and we can repair just about all of it. Some people consider us ‘Phoenix glass repair experts’ we just call ourselves ‘Gurus’. Let one of our Guru’s restore your glass. Some of our more exciting projects have been: TV’s, fish tanks, classic car glass, and custom art. You can visit our portfolio page to see some of our work. Likewise, we would love to work on your project! Our motto is: Don’t replace it, repair it. We work closely with the members of our Phoenix community to do our part in keeping glass out of landfills. 

Scratched Glass

Scratched glass comes in many forms. Window cleaners can cause it using razor blades or faulty equipment. Glass can also originate from the manufacturer with scratches. Dog’s love to paw at sliding doors.  

Glass Graffiti

Property management companies and business owners can utilize our glass graffiti repair services. Phoenix glass repair will save your company money by repairing the glass instead of replacing it. 

Acid Etchings

Acid graffiti etchings are also common in retail strips, shopping malls, and public areas. We can remove acid etchings from the glass with no discernible distortion.

Fabrication Debris

Sometimes during the manufacturing process glass can come out with debris on it. We can repair glass with fabrication debris or rub marks without causing distortion. 

Welding Slag

Anytime someone welds close to glass there is the chance you will get welding slag. Welding slag causes little pits in the glass that can be hard to look past. In most cases, we can remove or drastically improve the glass with welding slag. 

Hard Water

Over time water that has a high mineral content can etch windows with stains. On buildings it’s usually do to run off water or sprinklers. Homeowners experience this on shower doors, windows, or anywhere water is continually hitting glass.

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