Scratched Glass Repair

Scratched glass comes in many forms. Vandals will often scratch a message into glass. This is also called tagging. Vandals cause millions of dollars in damage to buildings glass every year. This is an expense that most business would rather not have. Especially smaller business. The mom and pop stores are hit the hardest. However, we are the only alternative to glass replacement. We can remove glass scratches and save, on average, 50-70 percent versus replacement.

Repair Scratched Window Glass

Glass scratch repair is not a new service; however, it has evolved. The beginning of scratch repair services people were left with glass that no longer had scratches or tag’s on their glass however they were left with distortions. Distorted glass was a common occurrence for people using these older systems. They would use a combination of a grinding system along with water to remove damage which would create a fun house illusion on the glass.  Scratched glass repair has evolved. We can now remove scratches of all depths on all types of glass with no discernible distortion.

Glass Scratch Removal

Some people ask us if removing glass scratches causes the glass to be weak. This is not the case. In fact, the glass becomes stronger once the weakest part of the glass is removed. The weakest part of the glass is the scratched area. Remove glass scratches and the integrity of the glass is back. Our service can actually be performed several times on the same peace of glass before it needs to be replaced. This is because the amount of glass we remove during repair is very minimal ( 1-2 thousands of an inch).  That equates to less then a business card in thickness is removed during repair.

From start to finish we are your scratched glass repair experts. We love our job and are here to help your business save money or answer any questions about removing glass scratches. If your business has tag’s or scratched glass give us a call. We love to wow customers who think we can’t remove the damage. Our service is guaranteed. If we take your job and you aren’t happy with the service we wont charge you.