Protect sliding glass door from dog scratches

stop dog scratching door

stop dog scratching doorWhen a dog wants to come inside, our go outside, it will usually tell you. Some dogs do this by scratching at the sliding door. Most of the time this habit can be broken with some training or installing a doggy door. However, not everyone can install a doggy door and sometimes dogs do what they want. This leaves people looking for a door scratch protector.

Door Protector For Dogs

Most sliding doors have a screen door that can be slid one way or the other. If your sliding door has one of these you should look to have a metal guard placed on the outside. This metal guard is a good barrier between the dog and the sliding door, a dog door guard. It will also protect your screen from being ripped or torn. You can usually find them at your local hardware store or by contact your local sunscreen dealer.

Stop Dog Scratching Sliding Glass Doors

There is another option to protect your sliding door from scratches. There is a security film that can be placed over your sliding door. This film is used as a sacrificial barrier that can be placed on the inside and outside of the glass. After it’s installed it will protect your sliding door from any future permanent damage. When the film gets really scratched up we just remove it and put another one up. If you’d like a free estimate for us to repair the damage and put up a piece of film give us a call or use our contact page.

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